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Dear members,

First of all welcome to all the foreign citizens in Brussels It is with great pleasure that I can introduce the philatelic site of the Committee Brabant of the Royal Association of the Belgian Philatelic Clubs. (K.L.B.P. / F.R.C.P.B.).

The creation was necessary for the future and as an instrument of collaboration between the clubs.

The new techniques are showing themselves in the clubs activities and we need to look forward. Electronic communication can be an adversary, but can also be an ally to make our activities known.

In first instance the site will be a calendar for the club activities. It will permit the clubs to be the least as possible in competition and where it is inevitable, create a synergy. Communication can help.

Secondly, it will give a résumé of the activities of the federated clubs. Interested people can find in an easy way the club in the town, village or region where she can practice their hobby.

Thirdly, it will help to bring back the philately in the cultural sphere. It is very important that responsible people in or municipality's know that you can have a collection with few means and that the philatelist can build-up a perfect general know-how thanks to there hobby.

With Philatelic complements,

Francis Dochez
Chairmen of the comity Brabant of the K.L.B.P. / F.R.C.P.B.


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